Sean K. Atwood

We are pleased and thrilled to announce the first of a series of books by Sean K. Atwood. An incredibly exciting adventure awaits you in Wings of Rebellion, where science, quantum physics, bioengineering and nanotechnology combine with the discovery about the truth of our world, resulting in a nail-biting thrill of a battle to save humanity.

Sean uses his complex and varied scientific background (in neurology and cognitive psychology, combined with a keen interest in physics, quantum realities and bioengineering) in a wonderful unique style. He has created fascinating concepts which are approachable to everyone, adding fantastic depth to his narrative style. Even readers who have no interest in science will not lose out with his books, while those who are interested will discover more than enough to titillate those interests. The adventure simply never ceases! Is this a new superhero? Who knows. Is this sci-fi? Maybe, maybe not. Is this fantasy? An excellent question. Why not pick up a copy and decide for yourself?

Post launch, we will gradually publish more in-depth information on characters and the world of Wings of Rebellion, but for the time being (in order to avoid spoilers), this is all we can share. Wings of Rebellion will initially be available in two editions, with a light or a dark cover. They are identical in terms of content and differ purely in aesthetics. Feel free to choose the one you like best! This novel will also be able in paperback as well as e-book format.

Wings of Rebellion
(Light Edition)

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The light and dark editions are identical in terms of content. The only difference is with the cover. Pick your favourite!

Paperback (light edition)

Paperback (dark edition)

eBook (light edition)

eBook (dark edition)

World Editions: available soon.

Wings of Rebellion
(Dark Edition)

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